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Air Bud World Pup (2000)

КП 9.00
IMDB 9.00
Резюме : Dogs rule! The air bud movies totally show that, and i love the fact that they used soccer! I would have liked to see Mia Hamm, but the other superstars are great too. A few of the actors are cheesy, but the animal training is great! But lets just hope that next time they include a yellow lab... haha! lol Also, "Tammy" (the sister's friend) is a dork and they should have used someone else. Josh is kind of cute, (lol) but he keeps acting stranger and stranger. It's like he's out grown them. This is one of the best air bud movies, but it has a few flaws. However, i recommend it
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Air Bud World Pup (2000)
САЩ / Канада
Бил Банермън
В ролите:
Кевин Зегерс(Джош Фрам);Дейл Мидклиф(Патрик);Дейвид Глин(Министър);Кейтлин Уачс(Андреа Фрам);Чилтон Крейн(Джаки Фрам)....
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